The End of Discounted SRIs

Recent discussions within AWS circles cast doubt on the sustained viability of SRIs, particularly regarding their tradability on the secondary EC2 RI Marketplace. Amid speculation about the potential decline of SRIs, it's imperative to dispel confusion and address concerns. Fortunately, SmartCloud is poised to guide customers through this intricate terrain, offering clarity and strategic direction.

Limitations on Discounted RIs:

In a recent update to its service terms, AWS stipulates that account holders can no longer trade Discounted SRIs on the EC2 RI marketplace. These SRIs, acquired under enterprise agreements like the Enterprise Discount Plan (EDP) or Volume Discounts, are subject to this restriction. Discounted RIs are identifiable in the Cost and Usage Report (CUR), typically listed as a separate item.
AWS customers received notifications regarding this policy change, which prohibits the resale of discounted RIs acquired through discount programs. Effective January 15, 2024, AWS may block all sales of discounted RIs on the RI Marketplace, with an exception allowing listings until this date for RIs purchased before October 1, 2023.

Alternatives to SRIs:

For users without AWS discount programs, operations continue as usual. However, for those with such plans, the optimal path forward hinges on their application's usage dynamics. Three primary scenarios warrant consideration:

Large Workloads:

Blend AWS Savings Plans (SPs) with 1-year & 3-Year Convertible Reserved Instances (CRIs) to balance savings and flexibility. SPs offer discounts up to 72%, suitable for consistent workloads. CRIs, on the other hand, accommodate dynamic needs, allowing changes in instance types and regions without additional costs.

Small Workloads:

Despite being below the EDP threshold, retaining SRIs alongside CRIs or SPs ensures continued savings and flexibility, particularly for stable tasks.

Periodic or Volatile Workloads:

Crafting a suitable mix of AWS discount plans is crucial. While Savings Plans offer significant discounts, Convertible Reserved Instances provide flexibility to match changing workload demands. Occasional utilization of short-term SRIs during peak periods can further optimize savings.

The Flexibility is in the Blend:

Our approach blends discounts to provide optimal coverage and mitigate risks associated with long-term commitments. Our methodology includes:

  • Proprietary AI and ML Algorithm: Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning, we monitor discount allocations and swiftly adjust to evolving operational needs.
  • Savings Guarantee: We offer a straightforward guarantee ensuring reimbursement for unused discount plans, providing peace of mind.
  • Expert Customer Support: Our dedicated support team offers comprehensive assistance in optimizing discounts and addressing queries promptly, ensuring customers maximize savings effectively.

Beyond merely offering discounts, we are committed to helping customers navigate AWS discount plan changes confidently. Reach out to us for tailored support and strategic guidance.