Rationale for each stakeholder

Benefits of Cloud Cost Optimization

Our AI dynamic provisioning technology enables your applications to run seamlessly, maintaining peak performance while delivering substantial cost savings.



As the integration of IT financial management permeates every facet of the workplace, it becomes increasingly imperative for CIOs/CTOs to prioritize profit margin preservation and the reduction of both total cost of revenue and cost of goods sold (COGS).



Through the utilization of sophisticated algorithms and automation, AI Cloud tools empower organizations to realize substantial cost savings, enhance the precision of showback calculations, streamline reporting processes for finance teams, and effectively adopt Cloud best practices.


Attempting to manually pinpoint the optimal set of commitments using spreadsheets is a formidable challenge due to the sheer volume of possibilities. Consequently, many teams resort to utilizing the more straightforward savings plans to attain substantial coverage, albeit leaving significant cost-saving opportunities unexplored and untapped.

AI delivers better Cloud Optimization

Complex applications play a pivotal role in driving your operations. However, managing these applications can often push your teams to their limits as they strive to keep pace with ever-changing demands. When application performance begins to decline, teams typically find themselves reacting at a human-paced response rate, often after the damage has been done.

In an effort to avert disruptions, organizations may resort to overprovisioning resources, including memory, CPU, and storage, in their cloud environments. This over-provisioning can lead to bloated cloud bills and a disappointing return on investment (ROI).

SmartCloud's cloud cost optimization solutions offer a remedy for this dilemma by eliminating the need for guesswork. These solutions not only save valuable time but also optimize costs effectively. Through continuous, real-time automation – free from human intervention – our platform proactively ensures the optimal utilization of compute and storage resources at every layer of your application stack.