We've got A's for your Q's

Are SmartCloud solutions suitable for all businesses?

SmartCloud solutions are a better fit for companies with:

a) All Kubernetes with: > 250 nodes, > 20 nodes per cluster, >50+ workloads per cluster (deployments, stateful sets, deamonsets, etc).

b) AWS EC2 and EBS spend >USD 7K per month with the following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Non-Linux operating systems (Windows Server, Windows Server with SQL Standard, Windows Server with SQL Server, Windows Server with SQL Server Enterprise, Windows Server with SQL Server Web, RHEL, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • Non flexible Linux machines - G4ad, G4dn, G5, G5g, and Inf1 instances
  • Dedicated tenancy

Is there a free trial for SmartCloud solutions?

Yes. We can perform a POC (Proof-of-Concept) in your cloud environment to identify potential savings through Monitor & Analysis.The setup process takes only a few minutes.

How many customers does SmartCloud have?

SmartCloud is a reseller partner of cutting-edge cloud technologies with thousands of customers worldwide in a myriad of sizes, industries and cloud environments  

AWS: Does SmartCloud require an agent or access to data in order to work?

No. In order to utilize AWS SmartCloud solutions, it is necessary to establish an IAM role and connect it to the dashboard. Additionally, registration to the RI Marketplace is required. These limited permissions allow our AI algorithms to analyze AWS usage data and execute commands for the purchase and sale of Reserved Instances.

AWS: Are there limitations on the type of instance that can be covered?

We provide coverage for both Kubernetes and containerized workloads, as well as Amazon EC2. It's worth noting that AWS offers better discounts for Linux, so you'll get the most value if over 50% of your workloads are Linux-based. However, there are some limitations on the types of instances and regions we can cover due to their low availability and liquidity within Amazon Web Services.  

Can SmartCloud's solutions still help me reduce AWS spending if I'm already using discount offerings?

Yes. We can further decrease your AWS expenses even if you are already utilizing discounted offerings. It can aid in minimizing the amount of On-Demand instances, covering the remaining cost of instances that aren't discounted, saving on expiring agreements, and more. You can assess your potential savings within minutes by trying out a POC onboarding.